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Welcome to Our Christmas Quizzes!

Welcome to our fun quizzes on the merry subject of Christmas! Each interactive quiz has 10 questions with 4 multiple choice answers. Although the quizzes are broadly suited to children aged 8 to 13, everyone can enjoy them, even grown ups! Each quiz has some simple questions that younger children could attempt, in addition to some lesser known facts that should keep everyone interested and learning.

Family Time

Interactive quizzes are a great activity for the whole family to enjoy together, whether you are working as a team or against each other! Younger children love being the ‘quiz master’ and don’t realise that they are getting valuable reading practice, as well as expanding their knowledge. Why not try making it more challenging for older family members, by not giving the multiple choice options, unless they need them!


Our interactive Christmas quizzes are a great activity for an individual, small group, class or even the whole school! They are a fun, educational tool that links perfectly with the Christmas theme. The knowledge that the children already have is celebrated and the process of retrieval will help them to remember it for longer. Even unknown questions will expand and strengthen what they know and can remember. In addition each interactive quiz has a printable version for ease and flexibility of use.