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Our Mission

Kids Quiz Daily provide no pressure quizzes for kids, that value and expand knowledge, and link to the national curriculum.

Forgetting About Amphibians!

I am a former primary school teacher and self-confessed ‘education geek’.  One day I decided to look up the content of the current national curriculum (yes, I actually did this!).  I then asked my long suffering family some questions on things they had already covered at primary school. 

“What four countries make up the United Kingdom?”

“What is an amphibian?”

“At what temperature does water freeze?”


They struggled to get the right answer, and I’d forgotten amphibians!

I knew the importance of wide ranging experiences and knowledge for all areas of education and life. I was kicking myself for focusing so heavily on maths and English, whilst neglecting the other subjects.

The Start of Kids Quiz Daily…

Just for fun (yes, I actually did this too!), I made some interactive multiple-choice quizzes, with questions taken from the national curriculum. I added a couple of questions about stuff I deemed we should know (name of the prime minister), or interest topics (Strictly Come Dancing) and the odd amusing answer choice. The kids enjoyed doing the quizzes and would repeat the questions until they got them all right, then armed with the right answers, challenge an adult, and often beat them! My youngest enjoyed being the quiz master and seeing what the grown-ups knew, or often didn’t know! This developed into the website: kidsquizdaily.co.uk.

No Pressure

The quizzes only take a few minutes to complete, there is no time pressure, no need to report a score and they can be repeated as many times as you like.  They celebrate knowledge, link with what is being taught in school and help children to retrieve and retain what has already been learnt, ready for and during secondary school.  The questions cover a broad range of subjects, including geography, history, science, maths and English. 

I hope you enjoy the quizzes and expanding your knowledge, whatever your age and whoever you are. Go to Today’s Quiz >

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